Haddington et al. (eds.): Interaction and Mobility. Language and the Body in Motion




Haddington et al. (eds.): Interaction and Mobility. Language and the Body in Motion

(image) New publication: Haddington, Pentti, Lorenza Mondada & Maurice Nevile, eds. (2013). Interaction and Mobility: Language and the Body in Motion. Berlin: De Gruyter.

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How do people interact when they are on the move? How do people interact in order to be mobile? How do people coordinate the mobility of others? How does mobility feature in social interaction? 'Multimodal interaction' and 'mobility' are of increasing interest to scholars across disciplines. Interaction and mobility is the first book to study these aspects comprehensively. It provides cutting-edge research by international scholars who use video-recordings of real-life everyday interactions for studying in close detail human social interaction in such diverse multimodal settings as airplanes, cars, traffic control centres, dance schools, museums and other public places, and as part of such activities as instructing, navigating, identifying an enemy on the battlefield, organising a meeting, playing videogames, shopping, performing and dancing. Together, these studies highlight features of social interaction, including language, embodied conduct, and spatial and material orientation, for being mobile, for interacting on the move, so that mobility becomes a ubiquitous feature of our lives. This book is a valuable resource to anyone interested in multimodal interaction and mobility.

Individual chapters:

Pentti Haddington, Lorenza Mondada & Maurice Nevile: "Being mobile: Interaction on the move", 3-61.

Dirk vom Lehn: "Withdrawing from exhibits: The interactional organisation of museum visits", 65-90.

Mathias Broth & Fredrik Lundström: "A Walk on the pier: Establishing relevant places in mobile instruction", 91-122.

Elwys De Stefani: The collaborative organisation of next actions in a semiotically rich environment: Shopping as a couple", 123-151.

Maurice Nevile: "Seeing on the move: Mobile collaboration on the battlefield", 152-176.

Pentti Haddington: "Projecting mobility: Passengers directing drivers at junctions", 179-209.

Eric Laurier: "Before, in and after: Cars making their way through roundabouts", 210-242.

Inka Koskela, Ilkka Arminen & Hannele Palukka: "Centres of coordination as a nexus of aviation", 245-276.

Christian Licoppe & Julien Morel: "Interactionally generated encounters and the accomplishment of mutual proximity in mobile phone conversations", 277-299.

Lorenza Mondada: "Coordinating mobile action in real time: The timely organisation of directives in video games", 300-341.

Leelo Keevallik: "Here in time and space: Decomposing movement in dance instruction", 345-370.

Karine Lan Hing Ting, Dimitri Voilmy, Monika Büscher & Drew Hemment: "The sociality of stillness", 371-405.

Paul McIlvenny, Paul: "Interacting outside the box: Between social interaction and mobilities", 409-417.