Moyer: Foreign accent. The phenomenon of non-native speech

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Foreign Accent: The Phenomenon of Non-native Speech, by Alene Moyer. Cambridge University Press, 2013.

ForeignAccent"To what extent do our accents determine the way we are perceived by others? Is foreign accent inevitably associated with social stigma? Accent is a matter of great public interest given the impact of migration on national and global affairs, but until now, applied linguistics research has treated accent largely as a theoretical puzzle. In this fascinating account, Alene Moyer examines the social, psychological, educational and legal ramifications of sounding 'foreign'. She explores how accent operates contextually through analysis of issues such as: the neuro-cognitive constraints on phonological acquisition, individual factors that contribute to the 'intractability' of accent, foreign accent as a criterion for workplace discrimination, and the efficacy of instruction for improving pronunciation. This holistic treatment of second language accent is an essential resource for graduate students and researchers interested in applied linguistics, bilingualism and foreign language education."

Maffi & Woodley: Biocultural Diversity Conservation, now in ebook format

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Biocultural Diversity Conservation A Global Sourcebook, by Luisa Maffi & Ellen Woodley. Routledge, 2010. 304 p.

Maffi Woodley 2010The field of biocultural diversity is emerging as a dynamic, integrative approach to understanding the links between nature and culture and the interrelationships between humans and the environment at scales from the global to the local. Its multifaceted contributions have ranged from theoretical elaborations, to mappings of the overlapping distributions of biological and cultural diversity, to the development of indicators as tools to measure, assess, and monitor the state and trends of biocultural diversity, to on-the-ground implementation in field projects.

This book is a unique compendium and analysis of projects from all around the world that take an integrated biocultural approach to sustaining cultures and biodiversity. The 45 projects reviewed exemplify a new focus in conservation: this is based on the emerging realization that protecting and restoring biodiversity and maintaining and revitalizing cultural diversity and cultural vitality are intimately, indeed inextricably, interrelated. Published with Terralingua and IUCN.

Now available in ebook format from Routledge.

Sociolinguistic Studies Volume. 6, Issue 2 (2012)

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Haddington et al. (eds.): Interaction and Mobility. Language and the Body in Motion

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Interaction and MobilityNew publication: Haddington, Pentti, Lorenza Mondada & Maurice Nevile, eds. (2013). Interaction and Mobility: Language and the Body in Motion. Berlin: De Gruyter.

Details of the book are available here.


How do people interact when they are on the move? How do people interact in order to be mobile? How do people coordinate the mobility of others? How does mobility feature in social interaction? 'Multimodal interaction' and 'mobility' are of increasing interest to scholars across disciplines. Interaction and mobility is the first book to study these aspects comprehensively. It provides cutting-edge research by international scholars who use video-recordings of real-life everyday interactions for studying in close detail human social interaction in such diverse multimodal settings as airplanes, cars, traffic control centres, dance schools, museums and other public places, and as part of such activities as instructing, navigating, identifying an enemy on the battlefield, organising a meeting, playing videogames, shopping, performing and dancing. Together, these studies highlight features of social interaction, including language, embodied conduct, and spatial and material orientation, for being mobile, for interacting on the move, so that mobility becomes a ubiquitous feature of our lives. This book is a valuable resource to anyone interested in multimodal interaction and mobility.

Language Learning and Technology Volume 17 Issue 2

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LLTWe are happy to announce that Volume 17, Number 2 of Language Learning & Technology is now available. The contents are listed below.

Please visit the LLT Web site and be sure to sign up to receive your free subscription if you have not already done so. Also, we welcome your contributions for future issues, which should be done online. If you have questions about this process, check our guidelines for submission.

Dorothy Chun and Mark Warschauer, Editors
Language Learning & Technology

Mallinson et al. (eds.): Data Collection in Sociolinguistics: Methods and Applications

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Data Collection in Sociolinguistics: Methods and Applications, ed. by Christine Mallinson, Becky Childs and Gerard Van Herk (Routledge, 2013).

DCISThe text has been designed to be as instructor- and student-friendly as possible: It is a compact and relatively low cost volume ($49.95) that is still comprehensive, at over 300 pages and with contributions from over 50 sociolinguists. The website contains more information about the volume, a table of contents, and multimedia teaching tools, including videos made by contributors, as well as several free downloadable chapters.

The volume is now available on Amazon. Complimentary exam copies are available from Routledge, for instructors interested in adopting the book.

Christine Mallinson
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Associate Professor, Language, Literacy & Culture Program
Affiliate Associate Professor, Gender & Women's Studies Program

Discurso y Salud, núm. 7.1 de Discurso & Sociedad

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Pocos ámbitos de estudio en torno a la comunicación habrán crecido tanto en los últimos veinte años como el que se refiere a la salud y a la enfermedad. El análisis del discurso no ha sido ajeno, naturalmente, a ese crecimiento y cada vez son más los investigadores que se ocupan del estudio de los procesos discursivos asociados a la salud y a la enfermedad. Se ha prestado especial atención a tres temas: a) las manifestaciones del discurso patológico; b) la interacción entre profesionales socio-sanitarios y pacientes o sus familiares; y c) la representación que de una y de otra se hace de los protagonistas en textos científicos, artísticos o periodísticos. El número 7.1 de la revista Discurso & Sociedad correspondiente a marzo de 2013 muestra un conjunto de aportaciones originales de especialistas en el estudio del discurso sobre la salud y también sobre la discapacidad.