Briziarelli & Martínez Guillem: Reviving Gramsci. Crisis, Communication, and Change

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RevivingGramsciBriziarelli, M. & Martínez Guillem, S.: Reviving Gramsci. Crisis, Communication, and Change, Routledge, 2016.

Engaging debates within cultural studies, media and communication studies, and critical theory, this book addresses whether Gramscian thought continues to be relevant for social and cultural analysis, in particular when examining times of crisis and social change. The book is motivated by two intertwined but distinct purposes: first, to show the privileged and fruitful link between a "Gramscian Theory of Communication" and a "Communicative Theory of Gramsci;" second, to explore the ways in which such a Gramscian perspective can help us interpret and explain different forms of political activism in the twenty-first century, such as "Occupy" in the US, "Indignados" in Spain, or "Movimento Cinque Stelle" in Italy.

Table of Contents

1. Gramsci in/for Critical Times
2. Selective Gramsci(s)
3. Gramsci and Communication: Dialectics and Translation
4. Occupy Wall Street: The Limits of War of Position
5. Movimento Cinque Stelle: Dialectics of Passive Revolution
6. From Indignados to Podemos: Sublating Vernacular Rhetoric into National Popular Rhetoric
7. A Dialectical Image

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