García Agustín & Bak Jørgensen (eds.): Solidarity without Borders. Gramscian Perspectives on Migration and Civil Society

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Solidarity BordersÓ. García Agustín and M. Bak Jørgensen (Eds.): Solidarity without Borders. Gramscian Perspectives on Migration and Civil Society Solidarity without Borders, The University of Chicago Press.

Solidarity without Borders examines the politics of migration at the ground-level, considering migrants not as an issue to be solved but as individual political agents, exploring the possibilities raised by alliances between migrants and trade unions, worker organizations, and other constituencies. Applying Gramsci’s theories of modern resistance and taking up the Gezi Park Protests in Turkey, social movements in Ireland, and the Lampedusan Libyan migrant group as case studies, Solidarity without Borders demonstrates how new solidarity relations are shaped and how these may construct a new common ground for developing political alternatives.


1: Óscar Garcia Agustín & Martin Bak Jørgensen: Solidarity Without Borders: Gramscian Perspectives On Migration And Civil Society Alliances

Part I: The Heterogeneity Of Political Actors
2: Ursula Apitzsch: Gramsci’s “Philosophy Of Praxis” And The Topic Of Migration
3: Nazl enses & K vanç Özcan: Countering Hegemony Through A Park
Chapter 4: Miguel Mellino: Gramsci In Slices – Race, Colonialism, Migration And The Postcolonial Gramsci

Part 2: Solidarity And Alliances
5: Derek Boothman: Political And Social Alliances: Gramsci And Today
6: Ronald Munck & Mary Hyland: Gramsci, Migrants And Trade Unions: An Irish Case Study
7: Laurence Cox: The Southern Question And The Irish Question: A Social Movement Perspective

Part 3: Avoiding Misplaced Alliances
8: Peter Mayo: Hegemony, Migration & Misplaced Alliances Lessons From Gramsci
9: Óscar García Agustín & Martin Bak Jørgensen: For The Sake Of Workers But Not Immigrants Workers? Social Dumping And Free Movement

Part 4: Spaces Of Resistance
10: David Featherstone: Politicising The Crisis: The Southern Question, Uneven Geographies And The Construction Of Solidarity
11: Lisa Kings, Aleksandra Ålund And Nazem Tahvilzadeh: Contesting Urban Management Regimes: The Rise Of Urban Justive Movements In Sweden
12: Susi Meret And Elisabetta Della Corte: Spaces Of Resistance And Re-Actuality Of Gramsci In Refugees’ Struggles For Rights: The ‘Lampedusa In Hamburg’ Between Exit And Voice

13: Óscar Garcia Agustín & Martin Bak Jørgensen: Against Pessimism – A Time And Space For Solidarity


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