Webinar: Language and anthropological knowledge / Língua e conhecimento antropológico / La langue et le savoir anthropologique

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The collaborative webinar on Language and anthropological knowledge / Língua e conhecimento antropológico / La langue et le savoir anthropologique, jointly organized by EASA / ABA / AAA / CASCA, is now open.

Four papers have been posted in English, French and Portuguese. You are invited to read and comment them online (in these languages or in Spanish).  Four nominated commentators will post their responses online on October 13, and the eight will have a live, streamed two-hour webinar debate on October 15, along with a chair and discussant.  You may register (free) to take part in the webinar.

Read more and join in on http://www.wcaanet.org/events/webinar/

This virtual seminar aims to explore the centrality of language in the production of anthropological knowledge and its political aspects, in two different albeit connected ways:

  1. Language is central to the ethnographic encounter and sets the grounds for a potentially unequal interaction in the long term.
  2. The global circulation of anthropological knowledge, and the shifting relations of power that it entails, has become more and more salient to anthropologists of all kinds.

The seminar will engage in open and multilingual debate about these issues. Please join us for a thought-provoking discussion!


  • Chair: Miguel Vale de Almeida
  • Moderator: Deirdre Meintel
  • ABA presenter: Bruna Franchetto
  • ABA commentator: Omar Ribeiro Thomaz
  • EASA presenter: Penelope Harvey
  • EASA commentator: Benoît de l'Estoile
  • AAA presenter: Alexandra Jaffe
  • AAA commentator: Salikoko Mufwene
  • CASCA presenter: Christine Jourdan
  • CASCA commentator: Petra Rethmann

European Association of Social Anthropologists EASA
Associação Brasileira de Antropologia ABA
Canadian Anthropology Society / La Societé Canadienne d'Anthropologie CASCA
American Anthropological Association AAA

Sponsored by the World Council of Anthropological Associations WCAA

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