Takahashi: Language Learning, Gender and Desire




Takahashi: Language Learning, Gender and Desire

(image) Language Learning, Gender and Desire: Japanese Women on the Move, by Kimie Takahashi (Assumption University of Thailand), published by Multilingual Matters (2013), explores Japanese women’s desire for English as a means of identity transformation and as access to the West and its masculinity. Drawing on ethnographic data and critical discourse analysis, the book illuminates how such desire impacts upon the linguistic, social, and romantic choices made by young women in Japan and overseas. It offers new insights into the multidirectionality of power and desire in the context of second language learning.


  1. Introduction
  2. Language Desire
  3. Ryugaku
  4. Desired Interlocutors
  5. Agency
  6. Going Home
  7. Conclusion