Discourse & Society: Special Issue on Queer Linguistics




Discourse & Society: Special Issue on Queer Linguistics

The September 2013 Issue of Discourse & Society is a Special Issue on Queer Linguistics, edited by Heiko Motschenbacher and Martin Stegu.

Table of Contents:

  • (image) Heiko Motschenbacher and Martin Stegu: Introduction: Queer Linguistic approaches to discourse
  • Jennifer Coates: The discursive production of everyday heterosexualities
  • Britta Schneider: Heteronormativity and queerness in transnational heterosexual Salsa communities
  • Veronika Koller: Constructing (non-)normative identities in written lesbian discourse: A diachronic study
  • Heiko Motschenbacher: ‘Now everybody can wear a skirt’: Linguistic constructions of non-heteronormativity at Eurovision Song Contest press conferences
  • Tommaso M. Milani: Are ‘queers’ really ‘queer’? Language, identity and same-sex desire in a South African online community
  • Kira Hall: Commentary I: ‘It’s a hijra!’ Queer linguistics revisited
  • William L. Leap:  Commentary II: Queering language and normativity