Language Learning and Technology Volume 17 Issue 2




Language Learning and Technology Volume 17 Issue 2

(image) We are happy to announce that Volume 17, Number 2 of Language Learning & Technology is now available. The contents are listed below.

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Dorothy Chun and Mark Warschauer, Editors
Language Learning & Technology

Feature articles

  • Computer Learner Corpora: Analysing Interlanguage Errors in Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication
    by Penny MacDonald, Amparo García-Carbonell, and José Miguel Carot-Sierra
  • Anonymity and Motivation in Asychronous Discussions and L2 Vocabulary Learning
    by Nihat Polat, Rae Mancilla, and Laura Mahalingappa
  • Online Strategy Instruction for Integrating Dictionary Skills and Language Awareness
    by Jim Ranalli
  • A Framework for Developing Self-Directed Technology use for Language Learning
    by Chun Lai
  • The Effects of Text-Based SCMC on SLA: A Meta Analysis
    by Wei-Chen Lin, Hung-Tzu Huang, and Hsien-Chin Liou
  • Identity Practices of Multilingual Writers in Social Networking Spaces
    by Hsin-I Chen
  • Applications of Text Analysis Tools for Spoken Response Grading
    by Scott Crossley and Danielle McNamara
  • Language Development and Scaffolding in a Sino-American Telecollaborative Project
    by Li Jin
  • The Effects of Online Feedback Training on Students’ Text Revision
    by Yu-Fen Yang and Wen-Ting Meng

Columns and Commentaries

  • Emerging Technologies
    edited by Robert Godwin-Jones
  • Integrating Intercultural Competence into Language Learning through Technology
    by Robert Godwin-Jones
  • Action Research
    edited by Greg Kessler
  • Learning Chinese Idioms through iPads
    by Chunsheng Yang and Ying Xie

Reviews, edited by Paige Ware

  • Contemporary Computer-Assisted Language Learning - Thomas, M., Reinders, H., & Warshauer, M. (Eds.)
    reviewed by Ciara Wigham
  • Research among Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language - Everson, M.E., & Shen, H.H.
    reviewed by Jing Wang

Announcements & Calls for Papers

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  • Call for Papers: Action Research Column