CADAAD journal releases




CADAAD journal releases

(image) The latest two issues of the CADAAD journal, Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines, have just been published. 6(2) is standard issue and 7(1) contains proceedings from CADAAD 2012. Table of contents below.

Just a reminder too that the call for papers for CADAAD 2014 is out. Visit  or for further details.

Volume 6, Issue 2

  • Simon Goodman and Andrew Johnson
    Strategies Used by The Far Right to Counter Accusations of Racism 97-113
  • Arran Stibbe
    The Corporation as Person and Psychopath: Multimodal Metaphor, Rhetoric and Resistance 114-136
  • Brian Rugen
    Monsters and Addicts: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Shark Representations in Disney’s Scripted Marine Environment 137-153
  • Neda Karimi and Sepideh Gharaati
    Why Do Brains Drain? Brain Drain in Iran’s Political Discourse 154-173
  • Chinwe Roseann Ezeifeka
    Strategic Use of Metaphor in Nigerian Newspaper Reports: A Critical Perspective 174-192
  • Joseph B.A. Afful and Hilary Janks
    The Politics of Citation: An Analysis of Doctoral Theses across Disciplines 193-21

Volume 7, Issue 1

  • Richard J. Alexander
    Shaping and Misrepresenting Public Perceptions of Ecological Catastrophes: The BP Gulf Oil Spill pp. 1-18
  • Ghadah Alrasheed
    The Face-Veil through the Gaze 19-32
  • Michael S. Boyd
    Representation of Foreign Justice in the Media: The Amanda Knox Case 33-50
  • Jennifer E. Cheng
    Exclusive and Inclusive Constructions of ‘Australia’ in the Australian Parliament 51-65
  • Silvia de Candia, Cinzia Spinzi and Marco Venuti
    ‘I Don’t Know the Answer to that Question’: A Corpus-assisted Discourse Analysis of White House Press Briefings 66-81
  • Kati Kaupinnen
    At an Intersection of Postfeminism and Neoliberalism: A Discourse Analytical View of an International Women’s Magazine 82-99
  • Rachele Lawton
    Speak English or Go Home: The Anti-Immigrant Discourse of the American ‘English Only’ Movement 100-122
  • Malcolm N. MacDonald and Duncan Hunter
    Security, Population and Governmentality: UK Counter-terrorism Discourse (2007-2011) 123-140
  • Alessia Tranchese and Sole Alba Zollo
    The Construction of Gender-based Violence in the British Printed and Broadcast Media 141-163
  • Sharon Weinblum and Julien Danero Iglesias
    The Discursive Exclusion of Minorities: Narratives of the self in Israel and Moldova 164-179